The Americans
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Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys will both be back for the final chapter of the thrilling series
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FX Schedules The Americans Season 6 Release Date for 2018

Current Show Status
The Americans season 6 officially renewed for 2018
Latest Episode Aired Tue 5/30/2017 The Soviet Division Season 5: Episode 13
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 6: Episode 1

Series info and plot

A period spy thriller drama TV series, The Americans has been on the air since 2013. The show is currently in its fifth season which debuted on March 7, 2017. The Golden Globe-nominated drama is produced by Nemo Films, Amblin Television, Fox 21 Television Studios and FXP and is broadcast on FX in the United States. The creator and executive producer of the Americans is an ex-CIA officer, Joe Weisberg.

The series is set in the Cold War times in the early 1980s and chronicles the life of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), two KGB officers in an arranged marriage posing as an American married couple in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. They do have two children, one of whom gets gradually drawn into the spy intrigue, but the story is, according to the series' creator, more of a family drama than a spy thriller. The marriage becomes more genuine, but then is strained significantly under the pressures of the complex situation that the Jennings are in.

Critical acclaim and final season confirmed

Season 5 of The Americans premiered on FX on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 and will include 13 episodes with the finale scheduled to air on May 30th. Currently halfway through its run, the show is averaging a little over 0.8 million viewers, which is a 10% decline when compared to the previous chapter. Ratings, however, are of little concern anymore as the series has already been renewed for Season 6 to be broadcast in 2018. The bad news is that the network has already confirmed that this will also be the final chapter for the spy drama series. The series has been critically acclaimed from the beginning, with nearly perfect approval scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and two Golden Globe nominations. Despite that, it seems that the series has simply run its course and it is time to wrap up the storyline. Stay tuned for the premiere date announcement for The Americans Season 6.


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Amber Waves Mar 7, 2017
2Pests Mar 14, 2017
3The Midges Mar 21, 2017
4What's the Matter with Kansas? Mar 28, 2017
5Lotus 1-2-3 Apr 4, 2017
6Crossbreed Apr 11, 2017
7The Committee on Human Rights Apr 18, 2017
8Immersion Apr 25, 2017
9IHOP May 2, 2017
10Darkroom May 9, 2017
11Dyatkovo May 16, 2017
12The World Council of Churches May 23, 2017
13The Soviet Division May 30, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Glanders Mar 16, 2016
2Pastor Tim Mar 23, 2016
3Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow Mar 30, 2016
4Chloramphenicol Apr 6, 2016
5Clark's Place Apr 13, 2016
6The Rat Apr 20, 2016
7Travel Agents Apr 27, 2016
8The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears May 4, 2016
9The Day After May 11, 2016
10Munchkins May 18, 2016
11Dinner for Seven May 25, 2016
12A Roy Rogers in Franconia Jun 1, 2016
13Persona Non Grata Jun 8, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1EST Men Jan 28, 2015
2Baggage Feb 4, 2015
3Open House Feb 11, 2015
4Dimebag Feb 18, 2015
5Salang Pass Feb 25, 2015
6Born Again Mar 4, 2015
7Walter Taffet Mar 11, 2015
8Divestment Mar 18, 2015
9Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? Mar 25, 2015
10Stingers Apr 1, 2015
11One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov Apr 8, 2015
12I Am Abassin Zadran Apr 15, 2015
13March 8, 1983 Apr 22, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Comrades Feb 26, 2014
2Cardinal Mar 5, 2014
3The Walk In Mar 12, 2014
4A Little Night Music Mar 19, 2014
5The Deal Mar 26, 2014
6Behind the Red Door Apr 2, 2014
7ARPANET Apr 9, 2014
8New Car Apr 16, 2014
9Martial Eagle Apr 23, 2014
10Yousaf Apr 30, 2014
11Stealth May 7, 2014
12Operation Chronicle May 14, 2014
13Echo May 21, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jan 30, 2013
2The Clock Feb 6, 2013
3Gregory Feb 13, 2013
4In Control Feb 20, 2013
5COMINT Feb 27, 2013
6Trust Me Mar 6, 2013
7Duty and Honor Mar 13, 2013
8Mutually Assured Destruction Mar 20, 2013
9Safe House Apr 3, 2013
10Only You Apr 10, 2013
11Covert War Apr 17, 2013
12The Oath Apr 24, 2013
13The Colonel May 1, 2013


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0 0 springfield45  May 31, 2017
So many possible story lines for the final seasons. Betrayed or will the FBI accidentally come upon them.

Wonder is the true believer will go down in flames for the sake of the motherland and family?
0 0 George Bernard  May 31, 2017
Initially I wrestled hard with my patriotic conscience as to how I could emotionally and ideologically support a husband and wife Russian spy team operating in the U.S. I soon realized that the series was too perfect to give up and I pushed my reservations aside and to get inside of the these fascinating characters without making judgment. After all, it was just a dramatization and I quickly became immersed in viewing the series from the perspective of two anti-heroes. The thought of 2018 being the last season and the hiatus between now and then has become a veritable nightmare for me. There are so few totally captivating shows. The Americans" stand alone.
0 0 colleen daugherty  May 25, 2017
Am heartbroken that we have to wait another yr for the Final Season. Your show is so poular ,can't beleive you are ending it/ Got our friends hooked on it during season 2
0 0 rsm  May 25, 2017
I LOVE this show. Cast, plot, suspense, drama, love, murder, everything that you need in a solid series. I look forward to this show every week, and cant wait until next season.
0 0  March 6, 2017
I can hardly wait for the new season of The Americans to begin. I'm perplexed at why the series hasn't won more awards than it has already won. Wonderful writing and acting across the board on every single character - even secondary and tertiary characters put out remarkable acting abilities. I must go back and see who directs these people. At the young age of 65, being a Baby Boomer, I remember most of the events that are portrayed in The Americans. Thank you so very much for airing a spy thriller geared towards the older, laid back, Baby Boomers of the world. It is so refreshing and familiar simultaneously to have such a high quality drama series geared towards the population majority. Please, please, please don't shut this production down. The series has the capability of being one of those long-run, all-time favorite drama series (or so I think). Congratulations to everyone associated with making this project come to life.
0 0 DIANE SHATSWELL  December 2, 2016
i love THE AMERICANS the cast is really outstanding and the show keeps me glued to my seat i love a good spy show but this is really outstanding as the family is involved and every one seems to work together in this thank you for presenting us with such a fine show
0 0 Sgt Jim Roof DIANE SHATSWELL  December 24, 2016
This is the best spy drama ever presented on Television. I'm glued in me seat every show. It's very realistic!
0 0 Dawn  October 10, 2016
Great news! I love the show!!
0 0 colleen a. daugherty  October 4, 2016
My husband and I have so enjoyed this series , "The Americans".Our daughter and her husband come up every week and have dinner with us and we all watch it together. We have 3 sets of friends that also watch it at our urging. They have also been hooked.
My husband says Kerri Russell 's character is his kind of woman ! She's adorable. And love her husband....... my daughter and I have said "poor Martha since she was first introduced......we love her character and hope she is brought back somehow in one of the final episodes. She is a great actress and one of our favorite on the shows until she was sent to Russia.
Thank you for the previous seasons and look forward to the last 2 seasons.
The show will be missed greatly by all of us , family and friends
0 0 richard kight  September 28, 2016
Please notify me with updates of current new about series.
0 0 Irene wisniewski  September 28, 2016
I am sick and tired of having to wait such a long time between seasons. I don't understand why it takes so long to produce a follow-up season. It never used to be that way! Not happy!
0 0 Mike Bristow  August 30, 2016
It's a low budget production as far as sets, lighting and special effects go but is enhanced as a result. The acting, the plot , the superb script and the direction makes it ok and I appreciate the subtitles during the Russian scenes - good ones that are clear and easy to read.
At times it verges on "Mission impossible" stuff and pretty thick FBI agents who suddenly become brilliant. If the Jennings weren't given a holiday from it all I would have stopped watching. Well done for that.
0 0 da  August 11, 2016
I purchased all 4 episodes from Amazon after I began watching season 3 on FX,I have never enjoyed a series more than the Americans and waiting for the 5th season is really going to hurt. I'm looking forward to see what Martha is up to in Moscow and if Henry is being influenced by the computer Gabiel gave Phillip as a gift for the children.
0 0 NikkiMazzachev da  September 5, 2016
I have watched all episodes of the 4 seasons of the Americans 2 or 3 times. There is so much in most episodes that I need to see them again to pick up what I missed the first time! I can't believe we have to wait such a long time for season 5. I also purchased season 4 because I was traveling.
Barbra Streisand said it is a favorite of hers. Maybe there can be a spin off chronicling Paige and Henry's adult lives as second generation spies.
0 0 Don ousley NikkiMazzachev  September 5, 2016
I just finished seasons 1-3 on netflix.
Why isnt season 4 on fx demand. Netflix is charging 3 dollars episode.
0 0 Eric Wilmart  August 11, 2016
For me, maybe the best series with The Wire and Breaking bad... and the Sopranos... and Six feet under... and NYPD Blue... and Maximum Bob... and so on... Seriously, I look forward to seeing season 5 of this amazing culture clash series.
0 0 Arthur M Kent  July 26, 2016
One of the best series ever on TV! I am continually amazed at how great the acting is. Keri Russell, Mathew Rhys, and Noah Emmerich bring so much to this excellent, excellent series. I am constantly impressed how "American" Matthew Rhys portrays his part! He has such a distinct Wales accent in his "normal" life, but one would never know that from seeing him on this show.

Additionally, Frank Langella is fantastic as Gabriel, the Jennings' handler. Talk about actors who are perfect for their parts!

And of course there is so much suspense on the show. I really wonder what the final episode, in Season 6, will be like. Will the Jennings get caught? Or will they escape, most likely to either Canada or Russia? Tee suspense is killing me!
0 0 Olly Arthur M Kent  August 17, 2016
I agree..the suspense from simple actions such as walking (think the William/Philip potential meeting sequence) and the dialogue (also William at end Season 4!!!!)
0 0 Kevin  July 20, 2016
Amazing show. The wait is to long between seasons but well worth it!
0 0 Emmet  July 12, 2016
Just finished season 4! Gutted I have to wait 'til next year to see what's next for E&P!
0 0 amir karami  June 30, 2016
i love kerry russel she is so cute
i love americans tv series
and russian agent
best tv series ever seen
tank u
0 0 Howie  June 27, 2016
Looking forward to the Season 5.
Keri is my No.1.....xxxx
0 0 DENIS C. GRAY  June 20, 2016
It is so rare to have such excellent TV drama but I for one am grateful.
I am even more grateful to those whose wisdom convinced them that
there shall be two more seasons. The scheduling suggests that the creative juices will not be pressed in such a way that something inferior results.
0 0 Lil  June 18, 2016
I do not root for the Russians. They disgust me, but the show is good! It could be great & probably would continue for more than 6 seasons if not for the sexual perversion. Who wants to see that?! It's unnecessary. Just tell the story! Thanks for allowing me to speak my mind.
0 0 Barry  June 14, 2016
So glad this wonderful series has been renewed! Probably the best program on tv right now.

The details are so accurate and the acting so good. Amazing!
As a "half Russian" I'm really impressed with the use of Russian actors and the Russian language used between them. Great scripting.

Looking forward to the Season 5 premiere! :)
0 0 Bryan in Ohio  June 13, 2016
Love the Americans and its storyline. I'm feeling that season 5 will be explosive and season 6 will be when Beeman finally finds out their true identities.
The Cold War was interesting and makes a great backdrop to a storyline that hits home with those of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s. I actually root for the Russians in this show. Lol.
23 episodes left. Not nearly enough for me.
0 0 Tom in Roswell  June 9, 2016
Season 4 has been my favorite so far. The writers have given us a story that week after week will both tug at hearts and cause jaws to drop. My sadness at Martha's destruction was in sharp contrast to my shock as Paige watched her mother slit the throat of a mugger.

On a lighter note and thinking ahead--if Paige the daughter of a KGB agent were to have a baby with Matthew Beeman the son of an FBI agent, would the baby be a Double agent? :P :P
0 0 james  June 9, 2016
the relieved this has been renewed. well done network for a change
0 0 Diana in Anderson  June 9, 2016
:lol: So glad The Americans has been renewed! I absolutely LOVE everything about this shoe

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