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ABC Pulls the Plug on Season 3 of The Real O'Neals

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The Real O'Neals season 3 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Tue 3/14/2017 The Real Secrets Season 2: Episode 16
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Basic info and storyline

The Real O'Neals is a brand new US sitcom television series that premiered on ABC on March 2, 2016. It is based on the idea by Dan Savage, created by Joshua Stermin and Jennifer Ventimilla, and produced by Windsor and Johnson Productions, di Bonaventura Television and ABC Studios. On October 11, 2016 ABC launched the sophomore installment of The Real O'Neals.

The show chronicles the life of a conservative Catholic family in Chicago. The Real O'Neals focuses on how the family bonds are affected by revelation of personal secrets. The family is a traditional and a close-knit one, and when their young son comes out as a gay man, it's not a very easy idea for the family members to digest. Everyone else also has issues that are revealed over the course of the series, and the way this family deals with some very poignant questions that life presents is very realistic and heart-warming. The second season kicks off with Kenny starting an LGBT club at school, Eileen finally agreeing to a real date with Clive out of jealousy.

Controversy, ratings and renewal potential

The Real O'Neals raised some controversy for its depiction of the Catholic church when religious conservatives protested against the series, so the ABC network was forced to make some adjustments and steered the plot more towards the crazy-family comedy style. The sitcom originally got off to a solid start, with 6.3 million viewers watching the series premiere, but suffered an almost 30% loss in viewership by the season one finale. The current season premiered even lower, drawing just 3.76 million fans. Unlike the first installment, which premiered at mid-season, the second season of The Real O'Neals is a significant part of ABC's fall 2016 lineup. It is the final part of the Tuesday night comedy block, preceded by The Middle, American Housewife and Fresh Off The Boat. The comedy series is still a strong candidate for renewal, so we are keeping an ear out for a network announcement.

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Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Real Thang Oct 11, 2016
2The Real Dates Oct 18, 2016
3The Real Halloween Oct 25, 2016
4The Real Move Nov 1, 2016
5The Real Tradition Nov 15, 2016
6The Real Fit Nov 29, 2016
7The Real Match Dec 6, 2016
8The Real Christmas Dec 13, 2016
9The Real Sin Jan 3, 2017
10The Real Acceptance Jan 17, 2017
11The Real Third Wheel Feb 7, 2017
12The Real Brother's Keeper Feb 14, 2017
13The Real Confirmation Feb 21, 2017
14The Real Heartbreak Feb 28, 2017
15The Real Mr. Nice Guy Mar 7, 2017
16The Real Secrets Mar 14, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Mar 2, 2016
2The Real Papaya Mar 2, 2016
3The Real Lent Mar 8, 2016
4The Real F Word Mar 15, 2016
5The Real Spring Fever Mar 22, 2016
6The Real Man Mar 29, 2016
7The Real Grandma Apr 5, 2016
8The Real Book Club Apr 19, 2016
9The Real Wedding Apr 26, 2016
10The Real Retreat May 3, 2016
11The Real Other Woman May 10, 2016
12The Real Rules May 17, 2016
13The Real Prom May 24, 2016


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0 0 KennyBest  November 4, 2016
Watch season 2 here : sharingseries. com/the-real-oneals-season-2-2016/
0 0 WATCH VIDEO FULL HER  October 12, 2016
putlocker-id. com/episodes/the-real-oneals-2x1/
0 0 Amandaomes  October 12, 2016
WATCH VIDEO FULL HERE: putlocker-id. com/episodes/the-real-oneals-2x1/
0 0 DENISE HAZARD-LEWIS  October 3, 2016
Loved the show and loved the controversy. As a christian I believe our creator and Jesus has to have a sense of humor to put up with all so called devout christians lol
0 0 Amy  September 25, 2016
Love this show. So glad it was renewed despite the controversy. Love the little sister. She's so wacky!
0 0 madry boy  August 16, 2016
this is one of the best tv show that i ever watch :lol:
0 0 Cindy Sanford  May 26, 2016
Great show so funny, please renew..
0 0 Jesse  May 25, 2016
Love the show hope its renewed its funny
Please give us season 2 so not cancel
0 0 Bre  May 10, 2016
I really hope this isn't cancelled. I love the characters and the subjects. I hope these networks remember also that the secular community is larger than the catholic. Even so, the catholics I know (grew up in that hideous religion) all seem to love this show.
0 0 mick Bre  July 9, 2016
you should keep your sordid comments regarding Catholicism to yourself
0 0 Brandon jensen  May 2, 2016
Plz don't cancel this show its the best one so far I would love to see season 2 and more plz plz plz !!
0 0 Laila  April 22, 2016
0 0 Renew The Damn Show  April 14, 2016
They better not cancel this show. Renew The real O'neals for season 2 . Please!!!! Don't make yet another dumb decision. Renew for Season 2.
0 0 Lisa Lawrence  March 31, 2016
I LOVE this show! Every new one I love seems to get cancelled though, hope this one makes it!

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