Is Season 3 of Greatest Party Story Ever Coming to MTV? Khloe Kardashian, Snooky & Katy Perry to Guest Star

Current Show Status
Greatest Party Story Ever season 3 — not officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Thu 12/22/2016 Rob Dyrdek Season 2: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Greatest Party Story Ever. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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Series' info

Greatest Party Story Ever is a American reality series that debuted on MTV on January 14, 2016. The show is produced by Four Peaks Media and Den of Thieves and executive produced by Ben Nentin, Jonnie Penn, Jesse Ignatovich and Evan Prager. The animation for the Greatest Party Story Ever is produced by Shadow Machine. Both seasons contain ten half-hour episodes, with the second season premiering on December 1, 2016.

The title is a telling one – the series features semi-animated first-person accounts of awkward, embarrassing, crazy real-life stories. The accounts are genuine, and the storyteller is always the actual person involved, so the degree of authenticity is pleasantly and unusually high. The animation style varies, as the producers attempt to match it to each person telling the story. Not all of the tales are actually those of drunken debauchery and its consequences, there are touching, romantic, dangerous and a variety of other moments described.

Ratings and future prospects

The series initially premiered to 0.278 million viewers and a 0.13 demo rating, while the second season barely lost any viewers and debuted with 0.23 million viewers and 0.12 in the demo. These re-enacted honest real-life tales do not have a huge audience, but it is a solid one. The Greatest Party Story Ever is different from many other reality series in that the participants are not coached to speak on-camera, but, rather, tell their stories in their own natural way. The current season features stories courtesy of Snooki (Jersey Shore), rapper Travis Mills and Catfish host Nev Schulman, among others.

Hopefully, the original concept of MTV's Greatest Party Story will manage to keep the show afloat for another season. We are hoping for many more awkward, hilarious, embarrassing, miraculous, entertaining stories, so please stay with us, and we will keep you informed regarding the fate of the show.


Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Snooki & Steelo Dec 1, 2016
2Travis Mills Dec 1, 2016
3Nev Schulman Dec 8, 2016
4Lamorne Morris, Molly Tarlov & Khloe Kardashian Dec 8, 2016
5The Fat Jew, Joseph Gordon-levitt & Lexi Atkins Dec 15, 2016
6Drugs, Jail & A Four Wheeler Dec 15, 2016
7Katy Perry Dec 22, 2016
8Justin Timberlake Dec 22, 2016
9Donald Trump & Paris Hilton Dec 22, 2016
10Rob Dyrdek Dec 22, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1The Greatest Party Story Ever Told Jan 14, 2016
2Greatest Barf Story Ever Jan 21, 2016
3Greatest MILF Story Ever Jan 28, 2016
4Greatest Stripper Story Ever Feb 4, 2016
5Greatest Gnome Story Ever Feb 11, 2016
6Greatest Panties Story Ever Feb 18, 2016
7Greatest Pee Story Ever Feb 18, 2016
8Greatest Wet T-Shirt Story Ever Feb 25, 2016
9Greatest Flip Cup Story Ever Mar 3, 2016
10Other Epic Tales Mar 10, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Greatest Party Story Ever: The After Party Jan 17, 2016
2Greatest Barf Story Ever: The After Party Jan 24, 2016
3Greatest Wet T-Shirt Story Ever: The After Party Feb 25, 2016
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