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Tumble Leaf Season 3 Commissioned by Amazon

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Tumble Leaf season 3 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Fri 5/6/2016 The Windy Hop/Captain's Cap Season 2: Episode 13
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1

Series info and storyline

Tumble Leaf is a stop motion animation series airing on Amazon in the United States. It is created by Drew Hodges and Bix Pix Entertainment stop motion studio. The series is the first original children's series on Amazon.

Fig, a blue anthropomorphic fox and Stick, his caterpillar friend learn something about science through play and adventure. Among the recurring characters of the preschool-targeted educational series are Maple, Rutabaga, Hedge, Pine and Gingko, all assisting the main characters in their search for knowledge and companions in their fun adventures. Each Tumble Leaf episode features two 11-minute parts where the characters explore the world around them and discover the ways in which various basic – and sometimes rather complex - things work and where they might come from, from springs and reflections to pendulums and levers.

Current season and renewal possibilities

The series has been acclaimed by the viewers and critics for its positive role models, age-appropriate content, educational value and the incorporation of important pre-reading skills into the exciting visual material. Its quirky and unusual entourage is praised as well. The series originally aired on May 23, 2014, and the second season was released in full for streaming on December 10, 2015. On December 21, 2015 Tumble Leaf was renewed by the network for a third season, and hopefully, there will be even more of this charming and unique series to come. Very rarely does the combination of the entertainment value and educational value come out so popular and non-stereotypical.


Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Magic Mirror/A Rainbow in My Room Dec 11, 2015
2Snowflake Dance/The Tinsel Tree Dec 11, 2015
3Gourd Gets Stuck/The Swing of Things Dec 11, 2015
4Okra's Sweater/Stick's Meshroom Mansion Dec 11, 2015
5Stick Is Sick/Things That Go Gourd in the Night Dec 11, 2015
6Figamajig/Camping It Up Dec 11, 2015
7Mighty Mud Movers/Having a Ball May 6, 2016
8Yak Wash/The Caterpillar Wing Ding May 6, 2016
9The Glow Below/Sub in a Bottle May 6, 2016
10Buckeye's Runaway House/Caboose on the Loose May 6, 2016
11Clam-tastic Voyage/Double Vision May 6, 2016
12Thinking Outside the Hoop/Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander May 6, 2016
13The Windy Hop/Captain's Cap May 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Shiny Coins; Fig Finds a Shadow Apr 19, 2013
2Fig Flies A Kite; Missing Muffin May 23, 2014
3Beat of the Drumsticks; Springy Surprise May 23, 2014
4On a Roll!; Popcorn Picture Show May 23, 2014
5Fig Blends In!; Twirling Top May 23, 2014
6The Swimming Hole; Bucket of Mud May 23, 2014
7Loopy Straw; Tumble Leaf Parade Sep 5, 2014
8Icy Igloo; The Big Dig Sep 5, 2014
9Woohoo Kazoo!; Hide and Seek Sep 5, 2014
10Fig's Speedy Sled; Parachute Play Sep 5, 2014
11The Lost Spyglass; Fig's Breakfast Surprise! Sep 5, 2014
12Bedtime Story; A Treasure Hunt Sep 5, 2014
13Merry-Gear-Round; Pushy Pulley Sep 5, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Spring-a-ling Surprise Special Apr 4, 2017
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will amazon ever release tumble leaf season 2 to purchase like they did for season 1?

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