CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries Greenlit for Season 11: William Shatner got nominated for CSA for his guest appearance as Mark Twain

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The release date for Murdoch Mysteries season 11 — Pending
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Storyline and cast

Murdoch Mysteries is a veteran Canadian historic criminal drama series that is based on the characters from the Maureen Jennings' novel series. Developed by R.B. Carney, Cal Coons and Alexandra Zarowny, the show is produced by Shattesbury Films, UKTV and ITV Studios Global Entertainment. The series follows the life of detective William Murdoch in Toronto in the end of the 19th century. Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries premiered on CBC on October 10, 2016.

Detective Murdoch is a young servant of the Toronto Constabulary in 1895. Being young and prone to everything new, he enjoys following latest technological advances and believes that many of them can be applied to solving crimes. Fingerprinting, blood testing, surveillance, you name it – Murdoch picks up on up-and-coming technologies quickly and shocks his colleagues and the criminals with his swift and brilliant means of solving challenging murder cases. The tenth season premiere features a murderer on the loose as the debutantes in Toronto are pursuing the town’s most attractive bachelor. Simultaneously, the Great Fire creates chaos for Toronto’s inhabitants. Other cases in the current installment involve a female serial killer, the death of a valued pedigreed dog, and several others. Additionally, Murdoch’s relationship with his wife Julia is explored in depth as the couple considers adapting one more child.

Viewer reception and chances of renewal

Since it began airing on CBC starting with the sixth season, the series has become one of Canada’s most popular shows. The landmark 150th episode will be aired during the current 18-episode season. Murdoch Mysteries boasts exceptionally steady viewership, and season 10 premiere, which drew 1.4 million viewers, is perfect proof of that. With ratings as high as they currently are and the endless pool of possible topics, it’s not likely that the series will be cancelled any time soon. As such, we expect to see Murdoch Mysteries season 11 in the future.

Latest news

UPDATED March 23, 2017: Just on the heels of the season 10 finale of the best-rated Canadian scripted series Murdoch Mysteries, the CBC network has officially announced the renewal of the hit mystery and crime drama for Season 11. The drama series continues impressing the audiences around the world and the critics year after year, garnering glowing reviews and expanding its think roster of award nominations and wins. The new chapter will be comprised of 18 sixty-minute episodes and one extended Christmas special episode. The premiere date for Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries is yet to be finalized, but according to the show’s past release schedule, we can expect the crime drama to hit the small screens sometime in the fall of 2017.

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nwnews  2017-03-26 17:35
I live in the US and watch Murdoch on the computer at Acorn TV. Its 4.99 a month and gives you access to the best in British television. Currently they are loading Season 10 doing one episode a week.
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Marianne Marr  2017-03-26 11:31
? I'm so happy this show has been renewed. As another viewer stated it doesn't have the blood and gore that so many other crime shows have. Such a welcome and refreshing view. I think this show could have many seasons. The characters are young, the century is new and as someone who grew up in Toronto it's great to see all the familiar filming locations. I think this show is quite popular with our own police forces as well. Thanks for renewal of a winner. Marianne.
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Hanni  2017-03-25 05:30
S10/E18 concluded with a heart-stopping finish. All my favourite characters are left in a potentially life-threatening situation. Murdoch Mysteries would not be the same should any one of them "perish".

This is a wonderful crime drama program that can be enjoyed by any age. Unlike many "cop" shows that focus on blood and guts. Each week more horrific than the last. Granted, things like that may happen, but do you want your children to see it? They are just a how to for the crazies.
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Hanni  2017-03-25 05:19
❤ Season 10 Finale was truly amazing. The suspense just kept building until suddenly I was left with the credits while scraping my jaw off the floor.

I do hope that all of the recurring cast return for season 11. Many are in jeopardy with the close of this finale. Inspector Brackenreid was outstanding in S10/E18. He stood with his men and fought for them. That's the kind of person anyone would be proud to work for/with. The loyalty of Crabtree, Higgins and Jackson is heart-warming. And I'd like to see Julia give a [censored] nose to that other scum-bag too. Murdoch Mysteries would not be the same should any of these wonderful characters "perish".
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Jude  2017-03-24 20:54
Patti - I will ask one of my tech savvy kids if that's possible. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Patti  2017-03-24 19:14
Can you download the CBC TV app? You can stream them theough the app.
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Jude  2017-03-24 19:10
We love Murdoch Mysteries. We used to stream the episodes but are no longer able to do so. Is there a way to watch the show or is there any chance this will be picked up in the U.S?

Thank you.
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Debra  2017-03-24 19:05
Please don't kill off any of the characters - they are all great!

MM is one of the very few watchable programs on TV today - keep it going.
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ShelleyL  2017-03-23 02:06
This has become one of my favorite shows. I keep all episodes of the show, so I can return and watch them as if they were new. I love all of the characters. I am hoping that Thomas Craig as Inspector Breckenreid will also be returning -- his bluster is wonderful and acts as a perfect foil to Murdoch's calm and deliberate demeanor! Murdoch is especially handsome and charming; Dr. Ogden is a brilliant and lovely lady, reminding all of us the obstacles women had to overcome (and are still overcoming); Crabtree is great, as are Higgins and Jackson. A wonderful ensemble cast that uses great imagination and characters of that time period to solve murders forensically. Clever!! Love it!!
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Antes  2017-03-21 04:21
Great show! Keep those episodes coming. And make sure George Crabtree survives!!
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Jo.  2017-03-21 02:32
We love this show. Very entertaining. Murdoch and Julia are a great couple. George is great but needs to find a good woman. ? ?
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Ginette  2017-03-21 01:00
Can't wait for season 11. What a brilliant serie. The very best. Bravo!
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sheilasmc  2017-03-20 16:48
Its the most brilliant and clever series we have ever had on television

The cast are without a doubt great actors and I am drawn into the storyline every single episode

Well done to all - long may you reign

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Ceit  2017-03-19 01:20
Yay! Yay! Yay!
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Deborah Didden  2017-03-16 15:36
i live in the us i love love love murdoch mysteries cant wate for season 11
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Bryan Madison  2017-03-13 04:41
Love love love this show it has another 10 years go
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Cristi  2017-03-11 21:57
? Please bring Murdoch back another season. 10 is not the best so far but there have been other seasons I didn't care for either. Bring it back, let's do it again, and go for season 12!
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Carla Dunn  2017-03-05 06:50
I just finished watching season 10 on Acorn tv ($4,99 per month)..however the last 8 episodes out of 18 have yet to be scheduled. If you like British film it is well worth the price. Many good shows/movies, but Murdoch Mysteries is my all time favorite. You can watch all Poirot and Miss Marple episodes as well.
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Carla Dunn  2017-03-05 06:39
I want more Murdoch, more Murdoch, more Murdoch! Bring back original writers...season 10 not up to earlier episodes...too "slapsticky"... you can do better...but I will take what I can get! I want this show to go until the actors are old and grey...like me! Please do NOT cancel this show...there is nothing else available to compare with it. I eagerly, and impatiently, await new episodes.
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Tammy Gerull  2017-01-01 03:24
I want Murdoch to have a sister in Vernon a rest and charge with a crime where Murdoch and George get her out
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Sharelle  2016-12-17 20:58
What has happened to the writing on this once-great show? Season Ten has descended into mere slapstick and predictable, even nonsensical or bizarre plots and motives. The story lines have lost their flow and tightness. Are the writers new or just jaded? And why is Thomas Craig's much-loved Brackenreid absent so often? Why does Henry Higgins still have his job? I fear this may all spell the end of my once-favorite show.
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ColleenB  2016-12-16 23:26
I agree. MMiss is a great show. It's probably one of the only prime time showscheduling that we can watch with our daughter (age 9). She even loves it. In fact because of MM she has an interest in science and criminal justice. It's not full of the violenceand sexual context or coarse language that has filled the airways in past years. Albeit the historical facts are not always precise, but the entertainment value is far more desirable and appreciated. We find it a way for is to all sit and watch a decent show that engages us (trying to be the first to figure out who done ito.)
If CBC does not bring the series back I suggest an ensue of letter be sent to our Prime Minister. I'm sure as a former teacher and family man he would appreciate the value of Murdoch Mysteries...maybe CBC would listen to him.
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Phoenix  2016-12-09 18:46
Anyone know why it's not called Murdoch Mysteries in the USA? I find the change of name offensive.
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Phoenix  2016-12-09 18:42
Check out the BBC Canada website. They sell the DVDs.
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Phoenix  2016-12-09 18:37
I agree. The series would not be the same without the inspector!
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